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Miarla posted Jun 26, 17

Welcome / Welcome back to Noobmares.

We are a long standing community who have been helping new and improving players get to grips with The Secret World for years. We still have calendar events available for the Legacy Game though since the start of Secret World Legends Beta access it has been very quiet in our old stomping grounds. 

While SWL is as new to many of us as it is to players who never tried TSW we are still here and willing to help new players find groups and get to grips with unfamiliar mechanics. 

We aim to provide space to discuss builds, find help and hang around and natter while playing. 

Please check out the (currently sparse) forums, and feel free to post for help and advice, as well as posting up any tricks and tips you may have spotted. We also have a Discord chanell, linked in the sidebars if you would like to join us in a voice chat. 

If you want to run a recurring event, please send me a PM and I can add it to the calendar for you. If you have any other ideas for changes and improvements we have a whole forum section for you to fill with ideas. 

Good luck, good hunting, keep your insanity score low.

Mia <3

Teeny tiny ones you see.

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